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There are many cultures that have an influence on the yoga that we practice today. Most come from Buddhism and Buddhism. Today many people from all over the world include yoga in their everyday practice. Yoga is defined as the disciplining of self to increase the physical, spiritual, and mental for the well-being of an individual. Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga are very similar in a way, but different in another.

Hatha Yoga

It is said that Hatha yoga was created in the fifteenth century of the Hinduism philosophy. This form of yoga is also one of the oldest forms of yoga. Hatha yoga is based on pranayama and asanas (poses). This is known as Shatkarma, or breathing techniques. Hatha yoga focuses on breathing to increase flow in the prana. Prana is a Sanskrit term that means life energy or force, and is also a similar to the concept of chi. The goal of practicing Hatha yoga is to become completely relaxed both mentally and physically to bring perfect balance between the mind, body and soul.

To achieve higher meditation, it was a belief that the body should be free of any illnesses and, the mind free of any tensions. The postures practiced in Hatha yoga exercises relaxes the body system and gives it flexibility and strength. Many people have successfully used Hatha yoga exercises to improve focus and will power too. Hatha yoga only includes two of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

The famous yogi, Vamana Rishi is said to have documented the system of Ashtanga yoga in his manuscript Yoga Korunta. The Yoga Korurta document was discovered by Pattabhi Jois in the 1940s. Pattabhi Jois was one of the first to begin teaching the Ashtanga tradition. Like many other forms of yoga, Ashtanga includes poses to improve your physical life. It also includes other mental and ethical practices to help improve your spiritual life.

One of the more important parts of Ashtanga Yoga is the time one spends holding a particular pose. Controlled breathing is very important in this type of yoga. You need gain full control over your breathing in order to maintain a difficult pose for a few seconds or longer. Well, you don’t need to but it would help. Holding a pose helps to get blood flowing in the body and overall improve blood circulation throughout the whole body.

Ashtanga yoga translates to eight-limbed yoga, highlighting the eight different practices in it yoga teachings. An Ashtanga yoga practitioner not only works on asanas and pranayama but also the other six of the eight limbs. These limbs including Yama(control, rules for true honesty, purity and nonviolence), Niyama(rules for good practices such worship of god), Pratyahara(withdrawal of sensory perceptions), Dharana(concentration on a single point of thought), Dhyana(greater control of concentration for meditation) and Samadhi(effortless meditation, which leads to enlightenment).

The first four limbs of Ashtanga yoga are considered external, as they connect to the physical world. Ashtanga yoga include practices to help make these connections gentler and more meaningful. Some people who practice Ashtanga yoga say these practices help treat chronic illnesses such as joint pain and digestive problems.


Zumba Gold for Seniors

 Senior citizens are starting to consider alternative options to stay fit. Whether it’s popping in a DVD set or asking their grandchildren for some help setting up their exercise routine on the Wii, there are low impact options for those who are 65 years old and up!

Zumba Fitness Gold

The Zumba Fitness Gold is one of the hottest trends among seniors who are trying to stay in shape. The multi-DVD set includes a variety of features and capabilities that allow senior citizens to start grooving with the kids. Zumba Fitness Gold brings senior citizens to the dance party, which serves as a perfect complement to Zumba Dance Fitness.

Features and Benefits

Zumba Fitness Gold is filled with low intensity routines that are suitable for any age, including senior citizens. It provides its users with step by step guidelines that make it easy to follow and understand the different steps of each routine. By following the steps accordingly, you will be able to maximize your strength and overall health as you are able to get the most out of your workout.

This program allows you to get your youth and vitality back as you start to get down with some of the leading fitness instructors within the realm of Zumba fitness. Zumba Gold Live it Up transforms your entire body and enhances your state of wellness in general, providing a significant impact on the appearance and feel of your body. You can also rejuvenate your mind while your body is being rejuvenated at the same time.

What All is Included

If you think that you are ready to take your workouts to the next level, the Zumba Gold package provides seniors with three workout DVD’s that are geared for people of all ages, the complete version of the Zumba Live It Up Healthy lifestyle booklet as well as toning sticks that are directly based within the realm of Zumba as well.

Product Description

The low-intensity based workouts that are featured through the Zumba program are recommended for people of all ages – not just the young and vivacious men and women that you may see displayed on the advertisements and commercials. As many people have realized by doing Zumba in general, you truly do not have to look young in order to feel young. Follow the instruction of the trained and experienced Zumba instructors featured on these videos, because they will break down each move so that you can understand each step as well as the proper form and get the most benefits from your overall workout.

If you want to step things up to an even higher level, you can use the Gold-Toning DVD, which will help you to mold your muscles like a potter molds clay whenever it is convenient for you to do so. All that you have to do is pop in the DVD, grab the toning sticks and get to work.

There are so many different benefits that you can get from Zumba Gold, even if you are a senior citizen. Enjoy the abundance of fitness benefits that Zumba has been giving millions of people of all ages worldwide from the comfort of your home.



Keeping our bodies healthy can be considered a full time job. Theirs a study out that says that 65% of Americans are overweight. That is terrible. We are very sensitive beings and we must take care of our bodies. If every day we continue to harm our bodies with unhealthy foods, not allow ourselves to get enough rest and exercise, we are only hurting ourselves. Here are five tips for you to implement into your everyday life, and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Keep a Well Balanced Diet –

It may be hard at first, but try to resist those sweet that we all crave and those sodas with mountains of soda and caffeine. Instead grab some fruit and a bottle of water. They to implement more fruits and veggies into your diet. Try to pick up a banana on your way to work rather than a snickers. Try to stay away from processed foods. Processed foods don’t have much nutritional value and the preservatives don’t contribute to good health. Did you know that oranges have more benefits than a vitamin C pills.

Exercise –

A study says if you exercise 20 minutes every day that you will live for 2 more year. Just taking a daily job is too much. Its good exercise and will allow to you clear you mind from all negativity. Think about taking a dance class, or a yoga class, or going to the gym and working out. Theirs many ways you can get exercise and also many ways you can have fun doing also.

Other Health –

These are the other harmful products on the markets. These things include alcohol and tobacco. It has been proven many time that smoking is very harmful to our health. It lead moth many types of cancer, heart attacks and more bad things that harm our health. Try to avoid second hard smoke also, as it causes more harm to our bodies.

Create Balance in Your Life –

Organizing your life will not only contribute to your health, but will also overall make you a better human being. Think of this change as disciplining yourself and reward yourself in the end with a small treat.

Love Yourself –

Staying fit and healthy isn’t the only thing that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Ask yourself how much you love yourself. Ask yourself how I can love myself more. Don’t be afraid to take some time to write down a great experience when it happens. Include a lot of details. It will help you to remember it better and will really make you feel better in those hard times. Move away from negativity. Its every once in a while that everyone is stuck in a bad relationship. When you start to get that bad vibe from that person, don’t be afraid to back away and give them their space. If it is meant to be or if they really loves you they will find and learn the better, and change for it.



juicerA vegetable juice diet is an excellent way to boost a healthy and balanced diet program. They are great because of their high mineral, vitamin and antioxidant content. You don’t have to be a vegetarian or on a diet for weight loss to enjoy natural and organic juice. A juice diet or juice fasting is equivalent to detoxing the body.

Veggie juice accelerate detoxing, as the digestive system does not have to process fiber. Vegetable juices carries away toxins and excess fatty tissue though replenishing the body. A diet high with veggie juice will strengthen your immune system increase your metabolism and energy. Inevitable weight loss will be seen. Maintaining this weight loss can be achieved through a healthy, balanced and wholesome diet including fresh juices and regular exercise.

You should continue drinking water on a vegetable juice diet, as water will help to get rid of toxic compounds in the kidneys. A diet plan containing 100 % pure vegetable juice will over time result in physical distress including dizziness, headaches, nausea or vomiting, back pain, low energy, and irregular bowel movements. This is the result of the detoxing cycle, which starts to get rid of waste to rejuvenate energy.

A organic veggie juice diet can decrease your blood proteins and transform the way prescription medication responds to the body. Seek advice from your doctor before making an attempt to start any kind of juice diet. If managed for a long period without food and medical assessment, any juice diet will lead to nutritional deficiency including protein and calcium shortcomings.

A diet of just juice is recommended for 1 – 3 days. Your personal physician should determine if any longer than 3 days. As more severe health conditions require a longer period to repair harmed tissues in the body.

The amount of detoxification you need will depend on quite a few factors. These factors including body type, quality or your regular diet, the how much rest your digestive system gets in between meals, digestion overall performance, how much daily exercise you get, relaxation and stress, and harmful intake (such as alcohol).

The shocking part of a total veggie juice diet is the absence of craving for food. At first the vegetable juice is unique, and then you begin to miss the real action of chewing and swallowing solid food. You don’t feel hungry. Vegetable juices are very tasty, refreshing and satisfying. After the very first day on the diet program, you should find it easy to just drink juice. In fact the most challenging part of the juice diet is going back to solid food. Eat solid foods slowly but surely after the finish the veggie juice diet.

Some of your veggie juice drink may include greens such as spinach, parsley, celery greens, beet greens, and mustard greens. They can also include veggies like carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes, Spanish onions, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, or zucchini squash.

I wish you much luck, success and health in starting you veggie diet.


Why Should I Exercise?

Physical exercise helps you look and feel better about yourself. It is proven that being physically active will help you avoid stress, depression, and boredom. It will also make you more alert mentally, and improve your mood. This will make things easier for you mentally at school or work. You will in time become stronger and have more energy to get through your day. And you won’t have to worry about spending your money on energy drinks, or other things to keep you going throughout the day. Your hair, muscle tone, skin, and you posture in improve over time. Just 20 minutes of exercise a day will increase your life span up to 2 years.

Other Rewards of Exercising?

I believe that when an ordinary adult thinks of exercising, they think of weight loss. This is only one of the many things that exercise can benefit your life. It is seen in people who exercise that many things that make life difficult, generally fades away. It is also seen that people who exercise are less at risk to develop certain diseases, including high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Exercise promotes better sleep. If you have trouble falling of staying asleep, then including regular exercise in life will help you to fall asleep faster and fall into a deeper sleep. But, try to avoid exercising before going to sleep. Because, you are likely to be too energized to go to sleep.

Exercising helps a person to age well. You may not worry about this as a young adult but it will surely affect you later in life. A study has shown that women are at risk of a condition called osteoporosis. This is a weakening of the bones when they get older. The study also shows that if they participate in weight bearing exercises, such as running and jumping, will help men and women keep their bones strong.

Why Dancing is a Good Choice of Exercise

You can easily dance yourself fit at home! It’s a great way to exercise because other methods of exercise can be boring. We all know that running on the treadmill isn’t the most exciting method of exercising. Dancing exercises can be done by yourself or you can do it with friends or family.

Another reason why dancing is better than ordinary forms of exercise is because, the body tend to adjust to exercise methods that are done after a certain amount of time, and you will soon stop seeing the same benefit that you were getting before. When dancing you are constantly changing dance moves. There are many types of dance move to choose from, some include Hop-hop, Jazz, Latin, modern, and more.

If you’re a person who loves music, then I think you would love dancing as an exercise. It is often seen that whenever someone of jogging or working out, they tend to listen to one playlist. That playlist includes music that gets them pumping, and their blood flowing. They are also more of the time wearing headphones, which can get uncomfortable over time. When dancing there is fast and slow types of music. It’s up to you to keep up.

Why Zumba Is a Great Choice

Zumba is the only Latin-inspired dance fitness program. It blends all types of hot international music from all over. I was created by grammy award winning producers, and is considered by its members downright addictive. There are millions of people form over 125 countries that use Zumba as their main method of exercise. They form good relationships with their instructors and maintain a happy, healthy life.